MIUI 11 Features , Release Date & Expected Devices

Here the MIUI development team has started to optimize its software as from the MIUI 8 they have changed the many things and made this platform a very much stable and user-friendly. After the launch of MIUI 10, they are focusing on the full-screen usage experience and also they have improved the camera also.
So here are the some confirmed MIUI 11 Features
  • New Icon packs and design – From the MIUI 6, we are using the same icons. They haven’t changed them too much. So in this MIUI 11 update, we can expect that to change. And also there is more possibility that we see the new icons pack.
  • Dark theme – MIUI know their users and as per their survey. They know that the dark theme or Black Theme is mostly loved by the users and it also trends. So they have given us the option to make the whole environment dark. Without any third party application.
  • New languages – XIAOMI is to introduce many new languages in this ROM for the user convenience and to give their user to use the device in the very easy and understandable way.
  • Smooth animations - They are working hard on this to make the animations smooth and user-friendly. So when the user is using the mobile they do not experience any lag or slow animation. This will greatly increase the user experience and also speed up the process and work of the user. In this way, the processor will also do not have to do that much of processing.
  • Ultra power saving mode - Xiaomi is going to introduce the new ultra power saving mode in which we'll be able to save the mobile battery very effectively. We can now be able to turn the screen color to black and white, so it will consume the minimum battery. You will also be able to set the few apps to the Battery Saver mode. So it will not eat of all the resources as well as the battery.
  • customized status bar - Now you can customize the status bar as per your need in the MIUI 11. As we all know that nowdays mobile phones are coming with the notch so. There is some problem with the notification date, time and all other stuff at that above panel. So according to me, it is going to be an awesome and very useful feature for the users.

First, the Redmi series – This is the best selling series of the Xiaomi.

  1. Redmi Note 7
  2. Redmi Note 7 Pro
  3. Redmi Note 6 Pro
  4. Redmi Note 6
  5. Redmi 6 Pro
  6. Redmi 6
  7. Redmi Note 5 Pro
  8. Redmi Note 5
  9. Redmi Note 4
  10. Redmi Note 4X
  11. Redmi 5 Plus
  12. Redmi 4
  13. Redmi 4A
  14. Redmi 4X
  15. Redmi 6A
  16. Redmi 5A
  17. Redmi S2
  18. Redmi 5
  19. Redmi 3S / 3X
  20. Redmi Note 5

Now here is the MI Series of Xiaomi Phones

  1. Mi 9
  2. Mi MIX 2
  3. Mi MIX
  4. Mi 6X
  5. Mi 6
  6. Mi Note 2
  7. Mi Note 3
  8. Mi 5X
  9. Mi 5c
  10. Mi 5s
  11. Mi 5s Plus
  12. Mi Max 2
  13. Mi Max
  14. Mi Max 3
  15. Mi Play
  16. Mi 8
So, that all for today’s post, hope you enjoyed the article. Stay tuned with us to get more frequent and latest updates about this.

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